The Washington Post Sunday Crossword Puzzle Answers for May 9, 2021

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  May 2, 2021 May 16, 2021  
Clue Answer
'Animal House' wrap View Answer
'Black' day in Nov View Answer
'Certainly!' View Answer
'GoldenEye' villain Trevelyan View Answer
'Humble' residences View Answer
'I want to know more' View Answer
'I wish to tune my quivering ___ / To deeds of fame and notes of fire': Byron View Answer
'It's their ___' View Answer
'Let's go somewhere ___' View Answer
'Mayor' author Ed View Answer
'Rush' director Howard View Answer
'Schitt's Creek' actor Reid View Answer
'The Last Battle' author View Answer
'The Price Is Right' game requiring disks View Answer
'Thumbs-up' View Answer
'Touch' singer ___ Mia View Answer
'Whoa, ___!' (singer Furtado's debut album) View Answer
'Whose side ___ you on?' View Answer
'Willow' actor Kilmer View Answer
*Cardinals game View Answer
*Evoking guffaws rather than raised eyebrows View Answer
*Quality that really excites people View Answer
*The plush teddy Good Luck, e.g View Answer
*To an extreme degree View Answer
*Tragic accounts View Answer
*Translation of 'pomme d'amour,' the old French term for a tomato View Answer
1930s and '40s POTUS View Answer
Alan of 'Jenny' View Answer
Alternatives to PCs View Answer
Animals that people are transformed into in 'The Witches' by Roald Dahl View Answer
Assuming View Answer
At all View Answer
Bart, to Lisa, e.g View Answer
Be totally responsible? View Answer
Becoming strong again View Answer
Betray amazement View Answer
Blue ___ Carter, Grammy winner at age 9 View Answer
Breads with a bread-related homophone View Answer
Bull's-eye position View Answer
Cage of film, familiarly View Answer
Calculation affected by calc View Answer
CBS News journalist Brennan View Answer
CDC message, e.g View Answer
Chaotic ___ (certain moral alignment in D&D) View Answer
Charging weapons View Answer
Chest sought by Indiana View Answer
Clip in a salon View Answer
Coarse filing tool View Answer
Cocktail relatives of the Buck's Fizz (but with less champagne) View Answer
Colt's headgear View Answer
Converts to leather View Answer
Cook Political Report national editor ___ Walter View Answer
Cornfield creature View Answer
Corrosive oven cleaner View Answer
Covering a big range View Answer
Cow's or sheep's organ View Answer
Crooked senator's gifts View Answer
Cultural values View Answer
Days long past View Answer
Deckers Brands boots View Answer
Dedicated View Answer
Deliberately ignored View Answer
Does cascading ochos on the dance floor, say View Answer
Drinks from casks View Answer
Enormous quantity View Answer basketball writer MacMahon View Answer
ET from Melmac View Answer
Explanation that may lead to exoneration View Answer
Expression of grief View Answer
Faithful denomination View Answer
Financial ___ View Answer
Fine-tunes View Answer
Floating up above View Answer
Format for the 1993 game 'Return to Zork' View Answer
Give a heartfelt hug to View Answer
Giving people a B when you should be giving them an A, say View Answer
GPS abbr View Answer
Grand ___ Opry View Answer
Grass-cutting tool View Answer
Guy in a relationship View Answer
Had, as haddock View Answer
Heart View Answer
Hero of the Machine War in a sci-fi franchise View Answer
Hurrying word akin to '¡Arriba!' View Answer
In the vicinity View Answer
Indy racing great Al View Answer
Instrument similar to a shehnai View Answer
Ironworks delivery View Answer
Jazz enthusiast, e.g View Answer
Journalist Audie Cornish's station View Answer
Kelly on morning TV View Answer
Largely depleted sea View Answer
Laugh heartily View Answer
Learn about View Answer
Liquor-serving space on a train View Answer
Lizard that can't blink View Answer
Locale of every other Ryder Cup competition View Answer
Long and slender fish View Answer
Man found in Ontario? View Answer
MD dept View Answer
Menacing scowl View Answer
Messy room, figuratively View Answer
Metropolis in Peru View Answer
Music of Jamaican origin View Answer
Not currently at work View Answer
Note next to C View Answer
Observe, as a holiday View Answer
On the double View Answer
One in the Democratic Union Party in Syria View Answer
Ones challenging Victorian gender roles during the 1920s View Answer
Parked it View Answer
Part of the water cycle View Answer
Pearl Mosque city View Answer
Pirate seen at Disney theme parks View Answer
Place a call, in a way View Answer
Pleasure boat site View Answer
Proceeds laboriously View Answer
Pub in Chicago? View Answer
Quick and to the point View Answer
Recognition of Washington's or Adams's greatness? View Answer
Reduced to grain-size pieces, in the kitchen View Answer
Royal flush component View Answer
Sandbank View Answer
Set apart from others View Answer
Silk Road desert View Answer
Site where one's comments can generate reactions View Answer
Smuggling unit View Answer
Some winery options View Answer
Something boosted by praise or a prize View Answer
Specialties View Answer
Spill, as secrets View Answer
Starts to replace letters View Answer
Sunken treasure site View Answer
Superlatively ancient View Answer
Swanky event View Answer
They get popped on planes View Answer
Thin trace of smoke View Answer
Third part of FYI View Answer
Ticket piece View Answer
Tippi who starred in the Hitchcock film 'Marnie' View Answer
Trap at a ski lodge, say View Answer
Trivial inventions View Answer
Tubes in Italian cuisine View Answer
Used intelligence? View Answer
Value of x that satisfies the equation (sqrt(x))^x = x View Answer
Volunteer's statement View Answer
Wags a finger at View Answer
Wait while in a loading zone, say View Answer
Wedding cake layer View Answer
Word before north, south, east or west View Answer
Work detail, for short View Answer
Young chap View Answer
___ for tat (retaliation) View Answer
___ Vice President (title beginning in 2021) View Answer
___-Missouria (Native Oklahomans) View Answer

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