Premier Sunday King Feature Syndicate Crossword Puzzle Answers for May 16, 2021

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  May 9, 2021 May 23, 2021  
Clue Answer
"Be right there" View Answer
"Can't, I'm already late" View Answer
"I'm — loss" View Answer
"MacGyver" network View Answer
"Now I remember" View Answer
"That's — haven't heard!" View Answer
"Wow, neat!" View Answer
Abbr. for a handyperson View Answer
ABC a.m. show, for short View Answer
Abel, to Eve View Answer
Accord maker View Answer
Anatomical sacs View Answer
Auction offer View Answer
Austin-to-Houston dir View Answer
Bar brew View Answer
Be a debtor View Answer
Be choked by View Answer
Berlin article View Answer
Berlin article View Answer
Big brown beast seeking handouts of salmon? View Answer
Big icy chunk View Answer
Bit of work View Answer
Blast from a lighthouse View Answer
Brie exposed to heat? View Answer
British islet View Answer
Cab View Answer
Canonized Fr. woman View Answer
Carpet style View Answer
Cartoon gorilla of 1960s TV View Answer
Cellar, in ads View Answer
Children's author Madeleine L'— View Answer
Chopped down View Answer
City in central Florida View Answer
Coffee flavor View Answer
Cooing bird wearing fancy duds? View Answer
Cotillion gal View Answer
Cpl.'s boss View Answer
Cultural exhibition hall View Answer
Dancing woman's moves? View Answer
Dark film style View Answer
Diminish View Answer
Dir. opposite 51-Down View Answer
Disappear as if by magic View Answer
Discontinues View Answer
Disparity in work pay View Answer
Division: Abbr View Answer
Doc treating sinusitis View Answer
Due to wagering View Answer
Effortless View Answer
Encl. with a manuscript View Answer
Equipping a ranch with light, horse-drawn vehicles? View Answer
Errand runners View Answer
Eta-iota link View Answer
Expectant father View Answer
Faux — (slip) View Answer
Fed. agents View Answer
Fed. loan agency View Answer
Filled cookies View Answer
Fore and — View Answer
Forest cats View Answer
Furrier John Jacob — View Answer
Gets married again View Answer
Gets mature View Answer
GIs' force View Answer
Good egg rating View Answer
Goose flocks making people chuckle? View Answer
Gp. patrolling shores View Answer
Greek Muse of astronomy View Answer
Greenish-blue colors View Answer
Heart chart, in brief View Answer
Heroic American spy's petty bargaining? View Answer
Homer Simpson cry View Answer
Impersonated View Answer
Increase View Answer
Indigo, e.g View Answer
Info to input View Answer
Inuit dwelling View Answer
Israeli weapon View Answer
Italian sports car View Answer
Itty-bitty View Answer
Knights, e.g View Answer
Kobe sash View Answer
Latin I verb View Answer
Lions, 49ers or Steelers View Answer
Look intently View Answer
Love-letter "hugs" View Answer
Lyric poem View Answer
Makes accursed View Answer
Mauna — View Answer
Merely OK View Answer
Money, informally View Answer
Months before Octs View Answer
Most ogreish View Answer
Neighbor of Colombia View Answer
On the — (hiding out) View Answer
Overhaul View Answer
Pet collar attachment View Answer
Playa — Rey View Answer
Playmate for Spot View Answer
Police vehicle View Answer
Port in Iraq View Answer
Positive vote View Answer
Pre-Q queue View Answer
Prefix with chic or tourist View Answer
Prez Lincoln View Answer
Qatari capital View Answer
Question about one's relentless following skills? View Answer
Reagan-era scandal View Answer
Refused the request View Answer
Rock singer Nugent View Answer
Royal daughter who always moves with short, quick motions? View Answer
Safe sword View Answer
Santa — winds View Answer
Saturated View Answer
Scampi food View Answer
Scarlett of Tara View Answer
Sch. in the Nutmeg State View Answer
Sci-fi vehicles View Answer
Silver-haired View Answer
Sing like Ella View Answer
Ski resort in S. Vermont View Answer
Sport- — (off-roader) View Answer
Steak or ham View Answer
Suffix with event or context View Answer
Suppressed View Answer
Take way too much of, for short View Answer
That lady View Answer
The — and the Papas View Answer
Thinks alike View Answer
Tire marks View Answer
Tooth doctor's org View Answer
Top Olympic medal View Answer
U.S. "Ltd." View Answer
Very learned View Answer
Way to pack fresh fish View Answer
Wholly View Answer
Whopper dropped in water? View Answer
Wipe View Answer
Without assurance of payment View Answer
Wove rattan into View Answer
— -AFTRA (showbiz union) View Answer
— about (around) View Answer
— and Noble View Answer
— Claire (magazine) View Answer
— long way View Answer
— Na Na View Answer

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